Magna Mission Sdn Bhd (MMSB) is a 100% Malaysian owned biotechnology company incorporated on 1st August 2000.

MMSB is the sole producer and technology owner of Polypeptide-k, a plant protein extract from Momordica Charantia (bitter gourd) seeds. The product called DIABEGARD contains Polypeptide-k which has been marketed for the last 7years in the ASEAN market. It has been approved and registered with Ministry of Health, Malaysia and complied with the GMP standards.

This advanced biotechnology product contains a highly pure protein, Polypeptide-k (PPk) which consists 18 essential amino acids, in comparison with Bovine insulin which contains 23 essential amino acids.

The product is the result of over 35 years of research. The extraction process is currently patented in 93 countries including USA, Japan, Australia and EU.

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