1.What is Diabegard Polypeptide-k and what are its benefits?
Diabegard Polypeptide-k is a new biotechnology breakthrough that is specially formulated for diabetics. It is absolutely effective in controlling and regulating blood glucose (sugar) levels and addressing diabetes associated complications.
2. Is Diabegard Polypeptide-k approved by Malaysian Ministry of Health?
Yes. Diabegard is registered and approved as herbal medicine. The registration number is MAL No 20020739TC.
3.In what form is Diabegard Polypeptide-k available and how is it consumed?
Diabegard Polypeptide-k is available in tablet form without any artificial coloring or additives. It is consumed sublingually.
4.What is sublingual? Can I swallow it instead?
Sublingual means under the tongue. The tablet should not be swallowed (through any forms of liquid or saliva) as the acid enzymes in the stomach will digest/ breakdown polypeptide-k before it reaches the pancreas. By allowing the tablet to dissolve under the tongue, polypeptide-k gets absorbed into the blood stream and reaches the pancreas directly.
5.Since polypeptide-k is extracted from bitter gourd seeds, does Diabegard taste bitter as well?
No, Diabegard tablets are not bitter, instead tasteless.

6.How much Diabegard Polypeptide-k should I take daily?
Normal dosage is to take 4 tablets a day. Each tablet to be taken 10 minutes before meal sublingually.
7.I am taking prescribed medication. Will Diabegard Polypeptide-k cross react with it?
No. Studies have shown that Diabegard Polypeptide-k does not cross react with any medications.
8.I have had diabetes for over 30 years. Will Diabegard Polypeptide-k help me?
Yes, Diabegard works well with patients who have had diabetes for a long period of time or chronic diabetes. Patients with chronic diabetes will have to consume Diabegard for atleast 3 weeks before any difference is observed.
9.What is the advantage of Diabegard Polypeptide-k compared to other hypoglycemic drugs?
Diabegard Polypeptide-k has no side effects and you will never become hypoglycemic by consuming Diabegard as it only regulates your blood sugar level to normal.
10.Why each Diabegard Polypeptide-k tablet has only 15 mg of the active ingredient?
Diabegard Polypeptide-k tablet contains only polypeptide-k, so 15 mg of the active ingredient is enough for a single dose.
11.Why should I take Diabegard Polypeptide-k, when I can eat the whole bitter gourd fruit?
The differences are shown below, as to why Diabegard Polypeptide-k is a wiser option than bitter gourd.



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