A healing protein obtained from the seeds of bitter gourd. The extracted protein is known as Polypeptide – k and helps to normalize blood sugar level in diabetic patients. DIABEGARD should be taken sublingually, tablet be placed under the tongue until dissolved.
The goodness in consuming DIABEGARD
• It has no known side effects.
• It regulates your blood sugar level to normal.
• It assists in improving your food metabolism.
• It maintains and improves your general health.
• It helps to protect and maintain your pancreas.
Do You Know That DIABEGARD Protects Your Pancreas?
• Do you consume food rich in carbohydrates?
• Do you consume alcohol regularly?
• Do you consume processed or refined food often?
• Do you have a sedentary lifestyle?
• Are you constantly under tremendous pressure at work at home?
If your answer is yes to any one of these questions, then this is the time to protect your pancreas. Consuming DIABEGARD will relieve the pressure of your pancreas and allow it to recover from a stress state to a healthy organ.
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US Patent 6831162
Beneficial for those who have:
• a family history of diabetes
• obesity
• regularly consume alcohol
• lack of regular exercise
• feeling weak and fatigue
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