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3D Protein Structure Comparison
Polypeptide-k(PPk)          Human Insulin         Merged Structure
 Contain 18 different    Contain 23 different    34%similarity to
       amino acids                    amino acids             human insulin*
*28% homology exhibit similar properties to original enzyme
~ Thomas et al. In: Structure, Function, & Genetics 34:184196 (1999)  
         Has a unique ability to activate inactive insulin
         Can be consumed for prevention purposes due to its regulatory characteristics.
         A discovery that took over 35 years of research
         Patented in 93 countries including United States, Japan, China, Australia, India , Malaysia and other ASEAN countries
Do You Know What Is Polypeptide-k (PPk) ?
         It is the latest of plant insulin
         Exhibit the most similarity to the human insulin
         It is contain 18 amino acids
         It is works as well as human insulin
         Has no known side effect
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US Patent 6831162
RM 95.00 for 120 tablets
When you purchase 3 bottles, you are qualified for HbA1c test*

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