Our Raw Material

Polypeptide-k (PPk), a single molecule protein extract derived from bitter gourd seeds, Momordica charantia. It has been clinically proven to regulate blood sugar levels and increase metabolism, due to the homology (33.4%) between human insulin and PPk.

PPk has been thoroughly tested and certified halal by JAKIM and patented in 93 countries, including Australia, Indonesia, Europe and the U.S. The U.S. patent contains a study of 605 patients’ reaction to PPk, which have all been positive, leading to regulated blood glucose levels.


Malaysia: PI 20004650
Australia: 774836
Indonesia: ID 0 018438
Europe: EP 1 171 455 B1
United States: US6831162

Human insulin is a protein structure of 51 amino acids, all of which need to be present to be effective. When certain amino acids are not being produced by or present in the body, PPk, made of 18 amino acids, is able to substitute the missing links to form the whole protein.

The flexibility of PPK as in its molecular form allows for consumption on the pure protein in the form of tablets, sachets, or incorporation into foods or beverages.

As of today, there have been no reports of:
Adverse cross reactions with other drugs
Negative side effects

 PPK has a local presence in Malaysia and internationally in Taiwan, Korea, China with plans of expansion to other parts of the world.


Our Products

Diabegard (15mg)

  • Tablets in small (60s) and large (120s)
  • The recommended dosage is dependent on each individual blood glucose levels.
  • 5 – 7.0mmol/L = 1 tablet, twice a day
  • 0 – 10.0mmol/L = 1 tablet, thrice a day
  • > 10mmol/L = 1 tablet, four times a day
  • For better efficacy: Let dissolve under tongue 10 minutes prior to meals.
  • Available for purchase directly from us via email or in most leading pharmacies in Malaysia.

DBGRX (30mg)

  • Blister pack (90 tablets)
  • Available for purchase directly from us via email.


As Polypeptide-k is a molecule, it is a food-grade product which can be infused in any food product. Polypeptide-k has been fused with Organic Noodles and Soft Roll, increasing nutritional value without sacrificing taste.